It's time for The Greatest Show On Earth

There's a feast of the best football in the world on this month - and your new FourFourTwo has all the coverage you need.

With Euro 2016 kicking off this weekend, we pinpoint the top stars who look set to shine this month.

Paul Pogba is an incredible talent already - but will he be taking it to the next level in France?

Jamie Vardy's story has already had an amazing 12 months... but could he top even Leicester City's fairytale in Paris on July 11?

The Euros will also be Antonio Conte's Italian swansong before his move to the EPL... will Italy give him a dream send off?

Have Germany lost their cool? Or will they repeat their World Cup run?

Plus Ronaldo and Zlatan have one last bid for glory each...but can they do it single-handedly?

And what the hell has happened to Holland?

The only tournament that can match the Euros (and we include the World Cup) is Copa America... and with it underway in the US right now, we give you the full rundown, country by country, group by group.

Plus we catch up with Carlo Ancelotti who fills in some of the blanks on his fantastic career.

Dimitri Payet gives us his Masterclass...

...while Leicester City fans celebrate.

And we look forward to the future with Kosovo as a national team - and the impact that will have on Switzerland and, erm, Albania.

We also travel to Argentina to see how River Plate have bounced back from the unthinkable shame of relegation.

Finally we find out how football even works in a tiny outpost like Gibraltar.

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