NSW Senator calls out police in FFA ban list leak

Liberal Democrats Senator for New South Wales, David Leyonhjelm, has called on the NSW police to clear themselves of any involvment in the leak of Football Federation Australia's ban list. 

Speaking in Canberra on Monday, a day after the Daily Telegraphy published a story naming and shaming the alleged 198 members of the FFA ban list, Leyonhjelm called on the police to clear their names. 

It is unclear how the information was leaked to Daily Telegraphy journalist Rebecca Wilson, with some reports suggesting it may have been from the SCG trust. 

However, Leyonhjelm believes the police may be involved after calling Western Sydney Wanderers fans "grubs" in a press release several weeks ago.

“The information must have come from either the Football Federation of Australia, which has a strong privacy policy, or the police. Now if it came from the NSW Police, it’s a pretty serious problem,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.

"NSW Police has been in a state of conflict, if you like, with Western Sydney Wanderers fans for a while.

"If they released the information on the supposedly banned fans then that would be a very serious breach of not only privacy but police ethics."

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