Penalty experiment: Do your research

How important are penalty stats to goalkeepers?

To find out, this experiment looks at whether it’s possible for research to give a shot-stopper the edge.

It’s the latest minisode in Unibet’s awesome video series #LuckIsNoCoincidence.

To get things rolling, Peacehaven FC in the South of England get some firsthand advice from ex-France international Louis Saha, who enjoyed 100% success rate from the penalty spot with Manchester United.

But while he’s getting the boys up to speed on the pitch, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, where the F2 Freestylers join forces with ex-England goalkeeper Paul Robinson and sports psychologist Dr Geir Jordet to get the stats on the penalty takers.

Next up it’s time for Robinson to put that knowledge to the test against the Peacehaven lads. Will it pay off?

To check out the entire Episode 2: Penalty Special, go to #LuckIsNoCoincidence.