Smith follows Mulvey out the door

Brisbane Roar assistant coach Ron Smith has left the club following Sunday's shock axing of Mike Mulvey. 

Smith was appointed to the Roar staff by Mulvey in June this year.

The former Perth Glory boss and AIS Head Coach told FourFourTwo he resigned immediately after the man known as "Magic Mike" was shown the door.

“When I came here to work with Mike I actually said to him, whatever happens I think there’s the potential next year for the wheels to come off a bit because of all the changes and everyone’s a year older,” Smith said.

“I said if the worst comes to the worst and you get fired, I’ll be out the door the next day. I’ve got no interest in staying here or taking over from you."

Mulvey was dismissed on Sunday, six matches into the 2014-15 season and just five months after guiding the Queensland club to the A-League championship. Media ran reports of his axing hours before he was officially notified.

Smith said of how events unfolded: “What’s happened has happened. I think it was sad and to find out you’ve been fired over the radio is poor form. The club are acutely aware of that. But it is what it is.

“My position was quite clear. I wasn’t really interested whether the club wanted me to stay or not, or whether I got the bullet with him, I was going to leave with him.”

Smith coached in Iceland, Malaysia and Australia, and served a number of different coaching roles with the Socceroos.

He was appointed interim head coach of the Socceroos in 2005 until the hiring of Guus Hiddink and successfully ran the AIS football program for nine years.

Most recently, he spent several months managing Pahang FA in the Malaysian Super League.

“On a personal level I was really enjoying working with Mike and the players,” Smith said.

“The margins between winning and losing are extremely fine. We lost five games and two of those were to own goals and one of those was from a corner in the 93rd minute.

“Nobody battered us. It wasn’t like we were getting battered every week. We actually dominated more than we got dominated in games but things have changed. That’s the good thing about the game, the game evolves.

“I’ve known Mike for 25 years or more. When he asked me to come and be on the stuff I said the timing’s good mate, I know I can work with you. I’ll bring a few things to the table, which I did, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

“I’m just disappointed because I felt right now, OK there’s a few little stutters on the way, but it’s something we can fix.”

Meanwhile Brisbane Roar has announced the club’s National Youth League coach, Jeff Hopkins, will move into the role of assistant under interim coach Frans Thijssen.