Tsatsimas: Fans wont accept flares

Western Sydney Wanderers CEO John Tsatsimas says attitudes are changing among the club’s supporters which he hopes will help end anti-social behavior issues.

Wanderers were hit with a $50,000 fine and a suspended three-point deduction for bringing the game into disrepute after fans ripped flares at a game against Melbourne Victory in February.

The suspended penalty remains in place until February 2017, meaning a point deduction still looms heading into the new campaign if issues arise again.

Wanderers’ fans also set off flares during the Grand Final, while they were accused of damaging seats too, but didn’t receive punishment from FFA.

Despite this, Tsatsimas said behavior had improved following the February penalty along with attitudes among the club’s supporter base.

“If you look at the number of incidents, that has improved greatly and vastly,” Tsatsimas told FourFourTwo. 

“I just don’t think it’s the club, the public don’t accept it. 

“The Western Sydney Wanderers fans who genuinely support the team don’t advocate for it. 

“That’s the thing. If your own group knows what’s expected, then you’ve come a long way.”

Tsatsimas has been outspoken in his support of the club’s fans, regularly labeling them the best in the league despite the actions of a small minority.

“I’ve got to say that our fans, since the last issue, have been remarkably supportive and fantastic,” he said. “We’ve got the best fans in the league I believe.

“We would never condone anything that’s anti-social or damaging of public property.

“We have the best fans in the league. There might be a minority there, but we maintain our position that won’t advocate for them, but we will for those who always support Western Sydney Wanderers in a proud proper manner.”