Premium Speed: Asics DS Light X-Fly 2 K

Renowned for their work in the sports science field and producing quality footwear for your ever so important feet, Asics throw up a second rendition of their ultra lightweight football boot; and they’re full premium leather!

The DS Light X-Fly 2 features a full-length kangaroo leather upper, so that the leather spans from the forefoot, all the way to the heel. This will provide exceptional comfort and uniformity once broken into, and a supple touch on the ball all the way around the foot. Although still being an ultra lightweight speed boot, the X-Fly’s leather is of supreme quality and feel, with the forefoot still being padded so that protection and ball feel is not compromised. The high amount of leather doesn’t stop there with a full suede heel liner being used to give optimum comfort and to guarantee no heel slippage.

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To help you keep traction and give you the cushioning you require is the Lightweight Solyte Polymer outsole. Due to the soleplate being made of such lightweight materials, it is able to shed a ton of weight so that it keeps the X-Fly as light as possible, without letting go of any needed features. The 12 studs that make up the stud configuration are wide and conical, ensuring that stud pressure will be evenly distributed so no extra pain on the feet can be felt. An added external heel count helps keep foot locked in and ready for acceleration, with the studs being engineered for maximum grip and agility. 


Out in the play, the X-Fly performs exceptionally well. The boots can be worn straight out of the box, with a very minimal break in time required. The kangaroo leather softens up nicely, and was an extreme pleasure when taking first touches on the ball. We have never felt a boot where the forefoot was so perfect to take first touches on the ball, and then hit killer though balls with, as the instep of the boot features a more thinner premium kangaroo leather. This allows for a real ‘ping’ feeling, whist still being padded and responsive. At the back of the boot, the higher collar and external heel counter locks the heel tightly in giving us no slippage and minimal movement, which is very handy for players with fragile ankles or who require a stronger and more supportive boot.

A major positive in our eyes is how the boot feels when in-between the touchlines. The leather upper and super lightweight sole creates a very agile and responsive feel that you would get from a modern lightweight boot, but still has those loved qualities of a premium leather boot. Traction on both dry and wet grass was exceptional and had a real good ‘biting the turf’ feel. The Solyte insole provides the perfect balance of support and cushioning, so rollover and pressure is not an issue as all. In fact, Asics boots are highly recommended for people who may pronate (when the feet rolls inward), and the DS Light also caters for people who may find this an issue, with the added arch and foot support.

But is it a boot we would be able to put in our bags and rely on for when it comes to match day? Of course it is! A super lightweight package, wrapped in soft premium kangaroo leather with an aggressive soleplate which offers plenty of traction, support, and comfort. The boots fit very true to size as most Asics shoes do, however we would have preferred to go down half a size so that the leather can mould better to our feet. So, if you want a tighter and more fitted feel, go down half a size. When purchasing boots, please do also take into consideration the thickness of your game-day socks as they do take up a considerable amount of room in a boot.

For more information visit Asics Australia and join in on the conversation at @footballbootsaus on Instagram, or to order a pair of DS Light X-Fly 2 K boots for yourself click here

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