Under Armour Charged Compression: Put to the Test.

Under Armour have leaped into Australia, taking the sports gear market by storm, gaining more and more momentum every time a new product lands. The team at Under Armour have decided to take a new step, introducing a new range of compression gear aimed at reducing muscle soreness and fatigue, and driving faster muscle repair. By optimising the medium grade compression garment system, Under Armour Charged Compression provides strategic compression, and promotes muscle tissue repair, leading to shorter recovery times… which has been proven by two independent studies. Let’s find out how it faired in our weekend, dedicated to our favourite thing of all: football.

Wake up, and straight on it went. The short variation runs slightly longer than our football shorts, and lucky that the Charged Compression gear is black and grey, as our club shorts are to. Don’t want our ref to get on our nerves. It will immediately feel tight, but it loosens up and shapes to your thighs after a few minutes. Having the gear on for a few hours before our 3:00pm Kick-Off time meant our warmup went flawless. Usually some soreness is prevalent, but not with the Charged Compression which was a positive sign indeed. We played a full 90, which gave a good indication of how it feels on the body and if it affects our performance at all.

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First of all, they’re extremely comfortable. They run true-to-size, so no issues on that behalf. Length wise, the shorts ran down to our knees, meaning that they ran far longer than our football shorts. Again, the ref on the day may be nit-picking so be careful! Having the length come down to our knees didn’t hinder the comfort at all, in fact it helped the performance as more of our legs were being compressed by the Charged Compression. Throughout the game, we almost forgot we were wearing it, showing off just how comfy they feel on your body.    

Now onto the whole muscle business. Usually through our football, whether it be training, a casual kick about, or a proper match, we experience a little bit of soreness somewhere in the upper leg region. And to our pleasant surprise, we didn’t encounter ANY soreness with the Under Armour Charged Compression gear. Which is quite amazing, seeing that it’s only just some garment that you wear underneath your regular performance gear. It was quite magical, put it that way. The only soreness that we did we experience was when we copped a slide tackle straight to our ankles, and the blisters we got from our boots: which wasn't caused by the compression gear at all may we state...

After our shower, we took straight to the full length leg compression pants. For optimum results in defeating muscle fatigue, the compression gear should be worn for 24 hours after physical activity. So off we went on the one day journey, wearing the compression gear. Coming home, we rested up and after the sun went down, we went for a small walk around the neighbourhood. Still no prevalent muscle fatigue. On our feet we had the Speedform Slingride Running shoes from UA. Constructed from a knitted ‘Dyneema’ upper for strength and flexibility built on the SpeedForm technology to offer unprecedented precision fit, the Slingride sits one the two piece Charged Cushioning midsole, providing a soft, plush, yet responsive upper. A perfect combo, which proved to again, help our muscles recover faster than ever. Even just a few hours after our match, couldn’t feel a thing… except for our bruised ankle. Ref didn’t even card the fella!

Slept with it, and woke up in it. Turns out it’s rather comfortable to sleep in to! We took straight to the street for a short distance run. Paced, we ran with the Slingrides on our feet, which provided a nice and fast feel, while remaining cushioned during every stride. Now a warning goes out: still warm up properly! We always make sure we do, and although the Charged Compression is our new best friend, we can’t expect it to do ALL the work. After the run and warming down, we did our Sunday routine, came home, and decided to reflect on what we experienced.

Not only was the Charged Compression gear comfortable, it lived up to its promises. Helping reduce muscle fatigue by promoting faster tissue repair seemed to work, as we never felt muscle soreness like we normally do when not wearing this new strand of compression gear. All in all, it’s surprisingly good stuff that the team at Under Armour have come up with. Certainly, it would go straight into our basket if we needed some new compression gear. And as footballers who do this every week, it’s well worth it. Quality stuff!

To pick up some Charged Compression or to get more information, visit here, and stay up to date on Instagram at @UnderArmourAustralia, and @FootballBootsAus.