Ruben Zadkovich on scoring from range

Newcastle Jets midfielder Ruben Zadkovich has scored some stunners from long distance so he was kind enough to offer up a few tips on shooting from range
First, steady yourself

“Try and set yourself before you shoot. You’ve got to try and steady yourself.

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“The times where I’ve had my joy, I look back on the replay and it’s usually where I’ve set myself, I haven’t rushed the shot, I've relaxed as I've gone to shoot, so that’s the initial thing.”

Keep square, hit it sweet

“From there it’s about a sweet connection, getting your shoulders and head over the ball and making sure you keep it down.

“That’s the hardest thing from distance. For all the ones I hit on target, there’s always one which goes flying over the bar. Usually the reason for that is you’ve rushed it or you’ve leant back as you’ve had the shot and snatched at it.

“It’s about keeping square to the ball and keeping your head and shoulders over the ball and making sure you have a sweet connection.”

Practice gives confidence

“The more that you shoot from distance at training and you see yourself get reward from it, then it gives you confidence in a game to have a crack from 25 yards. You get all your confidence from the training pitch.”

From there, be brave

“You’re either a hero or villain when you shoot from distance. Your team has been put in an attacking position and your team is usually well set up and you’ll have a few options on.

“Sometimes you just have to be brave and be willing to accept it if you miss, which might frustrate a few people in the team.

“In saying that, that’s how you can do something special, is by having the bravery and the courage to have a go.That’s half the battle. There’s plenty of people who have the ability to shoot from range, but don’t have the bravery if it goes wrong.”

But be aware

“You have to be aware of your surroundings, if someone’s in a better position than you or someone’s made a really good run, you have to be aware of it and make a quick decision, either way.”

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