Behich: Get up & down like Evra

Melbourne Heart and Socceroos defender Aziz Behich discusses the fine balance between attack and defence as full-back

Defending is your first duty

“As a full back it’s obviously always good to attack and get into attacking positions and help out the forwards, but the first and foremost thing is you’re a defender, so your defensive duty comes first. If you do your defensive duty well, then you can attack.”

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Get up and down like Patrice Evra

“I love the way he does his defensive duties, yet he’s always involved in the attacks. He does both jobs, he’s always up and down but you can tell he’s a world-class defender.”

When do you attack?

“It all really depends on the balance of your defence. If your team is in possession of the ball and you’ve got enough players back to deal with their strikers if there’s a turnover, then it’s a sign you can push forward and join in the attack.”

Communication is key

“It’s important to communicate with your centre backs because they’re the ones who are marking the strikers. If they give you the okay, then you can push on. That’s when the other full-back needs to be smart and shift back, so you’ve got one extra man in the backline and vice versa, if I get forward then the right-back stays.”

Be fit to play full-back

“Fitness is a big factor, especially for myself because I like to get up and down the wing. Running over your opponent is one of the main things for me, so I need to be able to go for the full 90 minutes. That requires a lot of hard work at training.”

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