Victory’s Coe talks saving spotkicks

Want to know from the pros how to save penalties? Melbourne Victory and Socceroos goalkeeper Nathan Coe offers up his tips, fresh from saving a spotkick against Adelaide United

How do you decide which way to go?

“It depends, because so many different players take different styles of penalties which makes it quite difficult. Some players wait for the goalkeeper to move before they choose a side, others pick a side and hit it hard.

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“So it changes all the time. On the weekend (November 23 v Adelaide United), Cirio is someone who tends to stall and wait for the keeper to move so you want to stand up as long as possible.

“Del Piero does a similar thing but hits it harder and has it in mind where he wants to go.”

Watch the penalty-taker, but commit

“You try and gauge where they are going, but often the players will swivel their hips at the last second, so it’s difficult and quite often it comes down to picking a side and going as hard as you can.”

Use your instincts

“You go on instinct sometimes, if a player is running up to the ball in a certain way then it’s more likely he’ll go one particular way.

“Sometimes I go off their run-up. They may stutter at the last minute or open up. Don’t forget, the player has the bigger emphasis on them, because they’ve got to score.”

Go easy on the antics, stay calm

“Some goalkeepers hit the crossbar and sometimes I’ll wave my arms about, which you do to make the goal look a little bit smaller. But I think you can put yourself off doing that, you want to be set and ready.

“You want to be able to do, what you want to do, when he’s going to kick the ball. You can do all that crazy stuff, but in the end I feel it’s better to be ready and set and able to go whichever way you want to go and give it everything you’ve got.”

Do what works for you, but be calm

“Sometimes I’ll try to delay them a bit and try to put them off. But to be honest, it’s all about becoming calm and getting to the place where you feel most comfortable.”

Be ready to use your whole body

“Occasionally you’ll get the awkward one that’s a bit too slow down the middle, but you’ve got to be able to use your leg and get something on it. One hundred per cent you’ve got to use all of your body.”

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