Vidosic: How to beat opponents

Adelaide United midfielder Dario Vidosic talks about beating opponents and making decisions at speed
One-on-one situations

“It’s an interesting part of the game. There’s a lot of skills and tricks you can do. To break it down simply, you want to slow it down. If you’re going full speed and the defender is going a full speed, it makes it easier to defend. You want to slow it down.

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“Ideally if you can wait for them to try to win the ball, that’s when you take your touch past them and that’s when you have to accelerate and move out of their tackling range. At that point, you put maximum effort into getting away and that’s where you create your space.

“It’s all about slowing it down, trying to get them off balance and then going past them.”

Making decisions at speed

 “You need to always scan the field as much as possible, even if you don’t have the ball. You need to try to read the play in front, be two or three steps ahead.

“It’s about always scanning behind yourself, looking at what’s happening, seeing where your strikers are, and then when the ball comes to you, you already know what you’re going to do, if it’s a direct lay-off or if you’re going to take your touch into space, or play in a striker or winger.

“It’s always about keeping your head moving, looking left or right, so you know the full picture of what’s happening around you.”

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