FourFourTwo's 50 Biggest Derbies in the World

The derbies, the rivalries, the stadiums you need to experience, the games you need to see before you die: FourFourTwo presents football's biggest fixtures...


Football is a competitive game. We measure our progress against others, in leagues and cups, and the general idea is to win. But some wins are better than others.

There’s no feeling quite like a victory in a derby match against your nearest and most-hated opponents. Sometimes it can help to win a league or cup, on other occasions it might seal your promotion or their relegation, but there’s no such thing as a meaningless derby.

These are the games that decide who laughs last and loudest in the office, classroom, shop-floor and forum. These are the games you love to win and hate to lose. They can make or break your season – longer, if you’re in different divisions.

A quick note on inclusion rules. We've stuck to club teams, deciding to deal with international rivalries in a separate feature. We haven’t chosen any team twice: no matter how many foes you despise (or how widely hated you are), you’re only allowed one mortal enemy. The vast majority of these derby rivals are geographically close – the same city or the one just up the road – but there are some exceptions (you can probably name one or two immediately). Oh, and for each fixture we've listed the teams in alphabetical order: no, we don't think they're a bigger team than you.

The list will be revealed over the course of the week, with plenty of other features to keep you going – including dozens of new uploads from our much-loved More Than A Game features, in which we get onto the terrace and under the skin of a crunch fixture. All that and more will be revealed as we go along so feel free to have your say on #FFTderbies via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

The list

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The features

More Than A Game

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Im not agree with this list. There are a couple of derbies in South America not listed here: Alianza Lima - Universitario (Peru), Millonarios - Nacional (Colombia). Is incredible how the reporter mentioned derbies such as America - Cali (Colombia) or Oriente Petrolero - Blooming (Bolivia), instead of the ones I mentioned before. It seems to be a lack of rigor in the research.

The biggest classic in Brazil is Vasco da Gama x Flamengo! This match is also called "The classic of millions" cause the teams has public in all country! Indeed, this derby is one (if not The ONE) of most important derby's in the whole fucking world!
The peoples who made this list don't know shit abou footbal in Brazil!

To be fair, it's not just football in Brazil they don't know about. It's the whole world, including England.

at number 48 put the derby a team with 7 years of history!!!!! It inluido not a major derby as is the union of santa fe with colon. both from the city of santa fe capital of the province. this derby has a dramatic and unique history of over 100 years. a sample in 1989 UNION of santa fe, in the final for promotion to the first division of Argentina football left his rivals in the B (or second division ). please invite the author of this ranking and readers who know more about this fantastic derby that almost always benefit UNION of SANTA FE

If 442 bothered to ask Brazilian football journalists, they would have answered the biggest Brazilian derby was the GreNal, between Gremio and Internacional. The São Paulo and Rio derbies are considered not as big because the rivalries are diluted among more clubs.