Premier League kits ranked: the top 10 shirts from this season

Premier League kits ranked
(Image credit: Arsenal)

One of the best things about a new football season is all the new kits released by clubs over the summer. With competition already hotting up on the playing side of things it's time to pit the top flight clubs against one another in sartorial terms. 

Here are our top 10 Premier League kits for this season. Feel free to tell us where we've gone wrong. Not that we'll listen...

10. Manchester United third

Manchester United

(Image credit: Manchester United)

Okay, hear us out please. Manchester United's third kit this season might be "too jazzy" for some, but for others it represents a bold and beautiful fashion statement. The zebra kit, as it has come to be known, is being widely mocked by many on social media, but it getting a lot of love by those who appreciate the new, the different, the zany. 

Say what you want about this black and white striped magic-eye of a football shirt, but it isn't boring and we doff our cap to that.  

Buy Manchester United's third shirt here

9. West Brom away

West Bromwich Albion

(Image credit: West Bromwich Albion)

There's a theme emerging already and we're only two down. Yes, here at FFT, we appreciate a design that breaks from the norm. While West Brom are traditionally proud wearers of green and gold on the road, rarely have they opted for such a complex stripe design (also seen on their home and third kits). 

We have Puma to thank for that - they usually create something a little different. Meanwhile, we kind of love "ideal BOILERS" as a shirt sponsor. For one thing, it isn't a betting company from the Far East, and for another it has a sort of '90s innocence to it. It's a definite thumbs up from us.

8. Liverpool away

(Image credit: Nike)

Another fully blown madness, with Nike responsible this time. Liverpool have teamed up with the American sportswear giants for the first time ever this season and they've not "half-assed" it as our cousins from across the pond might say. 

This aquamarine, acrylic, bizarre number is cool and if you disagree you need to free your mind. Jurgen Klopp's team may or may not seal back to back titles this season, but they'll be looking sharp no matter what happens. 

Get the Liverpool away shirt here

7. Fulham home


(Image credit: Fulham)

After a few wild choices further up the list, we've plumped for a more simple, classic, design this time. We love this Fulham shirt exactly because it is smart and it has a cracking collar. The thicker the better in our opinion. Plus the black shoulders and sleeves are a nice touch and make it different enough to anything the club has worn in recent years. 

It's a big yes from us...Unless you're asking if we think they're likely to stay in the Premier League beyond this season. We'd love them to prove us wrong, though. 

Buy the Fulham home shirt here

6. Chelsea away

(Image credit: PA Images)

We weren't sure about this when it dropped - things got pretty heated in the FFT WhatsApp group - but actually seeing it on the players during a game has changed a few minds. It's a great colour and the small detail woven into the knit gives it a bit of character - almost like a little knitted sweater. It's grown on us and it will on you too. Trust us on that!

Buy the Chelsea away shirt here

5. Leicester away

(Image credit: Adidas)

Where do we start with this belter? The shades of white and blue compliment each other perfectly, while the small splashes of gold and yellow work well too. King Power never oversteps the line as a shirt sponsor, keeping things simple for the sake of fashion. We aren't usually fans of the increasingly widespread sleeve sponsor, but Saigon is about as good as it will ever get, A) because we like the beer and B) because it is a cool logo. 

The streaky design across the whole shirt gives the whole thing a little bit of texture. It's an all round solid away shirt.

Buy the Leicester away shirt here

4. Tottenham home

(Image credit: Nike)

Proof that a good collar can turn an ordinary shirt into a thing of beauty. You just don't seem lemon piping like that enough these days. 

On the intricate knit design, the official Nike press release explains that the pattern was "created by reinterpreting graphics from old jerseys". 

It works, giving the shirt a sort of camouflage-but-in-white feel. Blue sleeves and the red AIA sponsor all works for us too. Faultless... Oh, and did we mention the lemon piping?

Buy the Tottenham home shirt here

3. Southampton away

(Image credit: Under Armour)

Southampton in the Champions League spots? With Ralph Hasenhuttl in charge, anything is possible. For now, though, they can make do with having a kit deserving of the big stage. 

We may love the home kit (the sash gives it Peru World Cup vibes) but the away clobber is where Saints have really excelled on the sartorial front. We won't lie, it's 99% to do with the chunky blue cuffs, which are a thing of beauty. 

The colours are fantastic too, though, all royal blues and decadent golds, while Under Armour is a cool kit manufacturer simply because few teams have it. 

Southampton, take a bow!

2. Manchester City away

(Image credit: PUMA)

According to the official release, the new away shirt features "a pattern inspired by Castlefield and the Bridgewater canal, an area symbolic of Manchester’s past, present and future."

Even fans that aren't local to Manchester or architecture aficionados will appreciate the design, which resembles a really swish Moroccan rug that would tie any room together. The gold on blue and black is a really decadent choice and, for anyone who isn't a huge fan of the "swimming pool" home kit, this is surely the one to go for. 

Lastly, we aren't always high fans of the "black out" badges, but it works with this one. Top marks from us. Well, almost...

Buy the Manchester City away shirt here

1. Arsenal third


(Image credit: Arsenal)

It had to be this absolute humdinger of a third kit from Arsenal. In fact, we could have probably found room for the north Londoners' other two kits this season in this top 10. The home shirt is delightfully retro, while the "eyeball" away kit might just be weird enough to be cool. Maybe.

Instead, though, we kept it fair and picked our favourite one and left it at that. This one bangs because of the pink-gold lettering and badge design. It just works so well with the deep, dark blue, and the whole thing has a luxurious feel to it. The good times appear to be on the way back for Arsenal, now with Mikel Arteta in charge, and they look the business too. Ten out of 10 - don't @ us. 

Or do: tell us how wrong we are at @FourFourTwo!

Buy the Arsenal third shirt here

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