Line-up Quiz! Can you name the England line-up from the Euro 2004 game against Switzerland?

Portugal: England's forward Wayne Rooney (L) reacts after his goal in front of Switzerland's midfielder Christoph Spycher, 17 June 2004 at Coimbra's stadium, during their Euro 2004 group B football match at the European Nations championship in Portugal.
(Image credit: PAUL BARKER/AFP via Getty Images)

It's time for another football quiz and as England prepare to face Denmark in their second Euro 2024 group game, we're taking you back 20 years to their second match in Euro 2004.

Remember how fun that tournament was?

Joe Mewis

For more than a decade Joe Mewis has worked in football journalism as a reporter and editor, with stints at Mirror Football and LeedsLive among others. He is the author of four football history books that include times on Leeds United and the England national team.