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Quiz! Can you name the 30 current Premier League players with the highest yellow card count?

Eyebrows raised in a look that screams: ‘I barely made contact!’. The sole index finger in the air indicating: ‘that was my first, ref’. Head down and a rapid walk away, like Michael Corleone after dropping the gun in The Godfather, hoping nobody noticed what you did.

No matter your method of getting out of a booking, you know what’s coming: the referee is there brandishing a card – yellow is actually preferable at this point - and jotting down your details.

These 30 players know the feeling better than most, as they lead the standings in current Premier League bookings. Now, we’ll note that you can’t pick up a lot of yellow cards without playing quite a few games, so some are victims of their longevity. Others just can’t keep their feet and elbows to themselves.

Either way, it’s time to name them. Each player’s total Premier League booking count, plus their current club, is below. Seven minutes are on the clock – and do let us know your score @FourFourTwo. Challenge some pals while you’re at it, to see if they can best your score. Good luck!

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