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Quiz! Can you name the top 17 scorers from the 2005/06 Premier League season?


Winning 15 of the first 16 league games of the season, as Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea did in 2005/06, rather wrecks hopes of a close title race. However, at least the battle for Champions League qualification went down to the final game, as a Tottenham squad hampered by food poisoning lost to West Ham. Literally sicking, Clive.

Arsenal leapfrogged them into fourth thanks to a 4-2 win over Wigan and a hat-trick from the man who tops this list; a player who then sat basking in the Highbury sun, his place as a Gunners legend long secured.

We’ll give you one clue: it wasn’t Lord Nicklas of Bendtner. But that’s all you’re getting from us. It's your task now to name him and the 16 other players who reached double figures that league season, including three from Chelsea, two each from Spurs and Manchester United, plus a Charlton player in third place.

On the clock is five mins. So get guessing, let us know how you got on @FourFourTwo - then test the memories of a few of your football knowledge rivals. We'll retweet your scores if you don't give answers away.

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