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Quiz! Can you name the top 21 goalscorers from the 1996/97 Premier League season?

The 1996/97 Premier League season saw Manchester United defend their title with just 75 points – the lowest tally for top-flight champions since three points for a win was introduced in 1981/82.

They weren’t even given a tough run for their money as Newcastle, Arsenal and Liverpool finished second, third and fourth all on 68 points. At least Middlesbrough offered terrific entertainment by scoring 51 goals (the fifth highest in the league), getting to two cup finals, yet still getting relegated in 19th.

Being docked three points for postponing a game at short notice didn’t help matters. Still, two Boro players hit 10+ league goals for the season, along with 19 other players. We want you to get as close to all 21 as you can in six minutes, tell us how you got on @FourFourTwo (we'll retweet your scores), then why not challenge a few friends too?

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