Dresden ban own fans after cup trouble

Former East German powerhouses Dynamo Dresden have banned their own fans from one away game after crowd trouble in their second round German Cup defeat at champions Borussia Dortmund last week, the club said on Monday.

The second division side said they were not accepting any tickets for their November 27 game at St Pauli and had handed back the use of the guest tribune to the hosts.

The club also threatened to ban fans again in future if they cause trouble in the coming games, the eight-times East German champions said in a statement.

"We had to act to show that we would not allow these unteachable rowdies to take over the games of Dynamo Dresden for their own criminal acts," said the club's managing director Volker Oppitz.

Dynamo fans had lit flares and thrown objects onto the pitch in Dortmund while also damaging food stands and stadium equipment and fighting with police around the ground.

The club, who also had to appease angry sponsors, said they expected a tough sentence from the federation's sports court.