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Quiz! Can you name every nation competing at football at the 2020 Olympics?

Team GB
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Six minutes on the clock, 28 nations to guess.

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Football isn't really a big deal at the Olympics. But it's not always been that way.

In the early days of football at the games, Britain ruled the waves. GB won three of the first four golds on offer and took it seriously, really. 

Some countries prioritised Olympic gold over the World Cup. India had a dispute with FIFA in the 1950s - it wasn't about wanting to play barefoot, despite the urban myth - and decided that Olympic participation was more more valuable, anyway. Imagine a parallel world in which the nation actually entered the World Cup and rose to become a superpower of the sport... 

The 2020 edition of the Olympic games has already begun for the footballers. But can you tell us who's there?


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