Ranked! The 20 worst Premier League shirts EVER

Luis Suarez as a jester, the bird poo monstrosity and the one that made players invisible to their team-mates. Feast your gaze on these horrible eyesores

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20. Manchester United, 1992-94 (third)

United fans have used green and gold to great effect over recent years as part of their protests over the club’s ownership, but back in ’92 the club themselves happily embraced the colors to celebrate the 100-year-old Newton Heath design.

While iconic – and it also led to a superb mock poster in which the entire squad had Victorian mustaches Photoshopped on – the shirt was, alas, pretty nasty, and mainly serves to remind you why they switched to red.

19. Arsenal, 2002/03 (away)

Nike hadn’t gone quite as haywire as other manufacturers during the previous decade when it came to experimental kit designs, largely keeping things simple. Yet this gradient-crazed piece of computer modelling, while decent enough within itself, always looked more like an extended billboard for sponsors O2, rather than a football shirt.

18. Norwich, 2004/05 (away)

While they were never going to top The Bird Poo Kit (on its way to your eyes very soon) in terms of sheer hideousness, oddball manufacturers Xara had a good go with this asymmetric curiosity. Although, admittedly, the Lotus badge in the middle somehow looks pretty right.

17. Chelsea, 2007/08 (away)

If Manchester United couldn’t see each other in their notorious grey jerseys, then there were no such issues for Jose Mourinho’s (and from September, Avram Grant’s) men in this season. With neon tops visible from space, the only issue here was working out who was a player and who was a fan, steward or errant lollypop lady.

16. Newcastle, 2014/15 (home)

We’re no Pierre Cardin, but any Newcastle home shirt is surely easy to get right: simply bang a badge on the hallowed black and white stripes, and you’re almost done.

This madness, alas, is polluted by an unnecessarily vast black chest patch, and debased by the presence of revolting payday loan swines Wonga as a sponsor. One to forget.