Power rankings: Every World Cup game in order of entertainment value

Jamie Cutteridge ranks all 64 matches from Brazil 2014...

64. Iran 0-0 Nigeria

In any other World Cup, the third-place play-off is the worst game. But this year, with this game, we can make an exception.

63. Brazil 0-3 Netherlands

Not only is the third-place play-off largely irrelevant, it’s also demeaning and forces guys who have just had their dreams crushed to play again in a game no one cares about. It’s tantamount to abuse (more so for Brazil, in this case).

62. Japan 0-0 Greece

Forgettable, rather than notably bad. This game could have not happened and nobody would have noticed. Makes you think...

61. Belgium 1-0 South Korea

A dead rubber in all but name. Jan Vertonghan scored a scrappy winner and, more importantly, provided the only interesting moment of the game - this unprovoked attack on an Arsenal supporter...

60. Costa Rica 0-0 England

The least memorable England game at a major tournament since the 0-0 draw with Denmark at Euro 92 (no, of course you don't remember) - overshadowed a tad by a certain incident in Uruguay vs Italy.

59. Netherlands 0-0 Argentina (2-4 pens)

It takes a lot for a game of this importance to drop so low on this list, but this one earned it. Two teams featuring some of the best attacking players on the planet served up an absolute stinker and failed to create a single chance of note over 120 minutes. Even the shootout was relatively dull.

58. Russia 1-1 South Korea

A game so bad that it took two goalkeeping errors to make it watchable - Igor Akinfeev and Jung Sung-Ryong won't be the only ones who don't want to see it again.

57. Belgium 1-0 Russia

Another instantly forgotten late show from Belgium, whose lack of creativity matched up against Fabio Capello’s insistence on ruining every World Cup to leave us with this 90 minutes of dirge.

56. France 0-0 Ecuador

A game marginally better than the scoreline suggests. France did everything but score against an Ecuador side who for some reason set out to draw the game, despite needing a win to get out of the group.

55. Australia 0-3 Spain

With both teams already out, there was squad rotation aplenty. The ultimate indignity for Australia came when living punchline Fernando Torres scored Spain's second.

54. Mexico 1-0 Cameroon

Mexico should have been two ahead at half time, but a couple of officiating blunders denied them in Natal’s torrential rain. Eventually, Oribe Peralta notched the winning goal against a Cameroon side whose resilient performance gave no indication of the farce which lay ahead.

53. Ivory Coast 2-1 Japan

For 25 minutes, Japan looked neat, tidy and like a potential surprise package. Then Ivory Coast clicked into gear and bagged a quick pair of goals. If none of this sounds familiar it’s because it kicked off at 2am UK time.

52. Argentina 1-0 Belgium

Gonzalo Higuain’s early goal after some Messi magic broke both his duck and the deadlock early on, but it was pretty turgid 80 minutes that followed. However, this game did give us the reaction of the tournament as Alejandro Sabello saw Higuain the bar and well, this...

51. USA 0-1 Germany

With narrative aplenty in the run-up, this one disappointed. The ‘hype’ team of 2014, USA, delivered their only dud of the tournament as Germany controlled a largely uninspiring game settled by, unsurprisingly, a Thomas Muller goal. Portugal’s win over Ghana meant Jurgen Klinsmann was able to leave happy for both his original and adopted homelands.