PFA steps in on Sydney shambles

The Australian players' union has stepped into the the escalating crisis at Sydney FC after branding Frank Farina's banishment of Nick Carle and Matt Thompson to train with the youth side as a breach of contract.

Professional Footballers Australia today said Carle and Thompson had its full support for what they said was Sydney FC’s"...attempt to isolate them".
The union has now vowed to fight the club to ensure the players’ rights  are upheld to the terms of the current A-League Collective Bargaining Agreement and given the club 24 hours to fix it - or face legal action.
The move comes after a disastrous weekend for Sydney FC which saw the club alienate its core fanbase by expelling a member (and former club staffer) from the Cove over a banner demanding Farina's sacking, prompting a mass walkout by fans who then chanted outside the stadium for the coach and board's sacking .
Sydney lost the match against Adelaide United 3-0, and in the second half Carle and Thompson appeared to swap positions, with Carle pushing more forward into the more attacking role he had previously played until this season. Afterwards he admitted he had been asked this year to play a more defensive role by Farina.
The following day, the PFA says Carle and Thompson were informed by the club that they were to be excluded from first team training indefinitely.
"Carle, a Sky Blues leadership group member, and Thompson, the A-League leading appearance holder, were accused of being ‘negative influences on the club’ and, without justification and any proper process, were sent home from yesterday morning’s training session and told to return in the afternoon to train with the National Youth League team," the PFA said today in a statement.
PFA General Manager Adam Vivian added that the club had not respected the rights of the players.
“We have a CBA that the clubs must comply with,” Vivian said. “The actions of Sydney FC in excluding Nick and Matt from training are not in accordance with the CBA. If the situation is not remedied within 24 hours, we will take the necessary legal steps.
“Unfortunately this is not the first time this season where the PFA has been forced to intervene in this type of situation.
“This calls into question the behavior of some clubs and undermines acompetition that is based on respect for contracts and a commitment to player wellbeing.”



Good, the move to 'punish' them in the first place was farcical.

This is just becoming worse and worse. Surely Sydney FC management have to do something soon.

I think Nicky Carle is one of the few players with attacking skills in the whole FC squad and Farina is asking him to play deep and defend??? , don't understand it.
Anyway , I'm a wanderers supporter and I would like to see him wearing the red and black as he is a proud western suburbs boy.

Farina has lost Carle, Thompson, Jason Culina and Joel Griffiths. He also upset ADP as we saw. Farina has too big a head like Holger and Craig Foster. Even if you know something, you should never treat other people as if they don't know anything, which is what Holger, Foster and Farina do. The management needs to go too for the same reasons.
Oh well, at least the Socceroos have Ange Hooray !!!!!

Tough one. A couple of senior players decide to make positional changes to get the team back into the game - great, shows passion and leadership. But it's against the wishes of the coach - a club can't have players unilaterally deciding where they play.

In a club with some idea of what it was doing and where it was going this wouldn't happen. Clearly the two players have no respect for the coach.

So, back the players and sanction the coach, or vica versa?

We had issues in Adelaide early in the season, but because we had a plan that everyone believed in (except Lustica apparently) the players, management and coach all banded together and there was no dissent.

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