16 July 2016
Spain introduced three points for a win back then – but who's scooped the most ever since?
8 July 2016
Germany's top flight was a late developer...
2 July 2016
You'll soon get your head around this one... 
20 June 2016
Reckon you've been paying attention to Copa America?
23 December 2015
You know him... yeah you do... squint... no? You sure?
3 December 2015
It's time to go shopping! Who would be the best man from the #FFT100 to bring to your team? Answer five quick questions and we'll tell your club's director of football who to target...
14 November 2015
Is it a 42,000 job or a whopping 57k? Stand out from the crowd by proving your football stadium knowledge!
How many of the top 100 football stadiums have you visited?
14 November 2015
Old Trafford? Check. Stamford Bridge? Check. Pyongyang 1st of May Stadium? Er...
9 October 2015
Snatched by PSG or Man City in a multi-million pound mega deal? Or bundled into the back of a taxi on a free transfer? Take our quiz and find out....
20 July 2015
You've read our list of the 50 best managers, but you'd do a better job than half of them, right? 


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