Goalkeeper training drills: Control and distribution

Here’s a drill you need to tune up your ball control and throwing accuracy from Andrew Sparkes, Swansea City's head of academy goalkeeping 
Set up
Mark out four stations with a goalkeeper occupying each one. 
To begin goalkeeper 1 volleys the ball into the hands of goalkeeper 2. Goalkeeper 2 then rolls an underarm throw back to goalkeeper 1, who plays a first time pass into goalkeeper 3. Goalkeeper 3 drives the ball across to goalkeeper 4, who returns the delivery with an overarm throw. Once one full circuit has been completed the goalkeepers rotate  stations anti-clockwise.
Reps: One full circuit passing the ball with your right foot, one full circuit passing the ball with your left foot
Sets: 3-5
How it helps
Prepares goalkeepers mentally and physically for a training session on distribution. Working in a small space improves their technical skills so they're comfortable using either foot during a game.
Andrew Sparkes is the Head of Academy Goalkeeping at Swansea City. Follow @andrewsparkes1 @swansofficial @swans_academy

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