15 outrageous dives that somehow conned referees

From Ramos to Robben, Adam Washbrook looks at the fiendish players who did the crime then didn’t do the time – since they totally fooled the officials

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Brazilian wonderkid Malcom took a spectacular dive to earn his Bordeaux side a penalty against French giants Lyon (below).

Not bad at all, but the 20-year-old still has a way to go before he catches up with these impressive performers...

15. David Luiz vs Manchester United

Picture the scene: Chelsea are a goal up with only moments to go in this 2013 Premier League match, so they’re winding down the clock in the corner of the park. A frustrated Rafael da Silva loosely swings a leg, and Sideshow Bob goes down like a lamp. Not without a smile for the cameras, of course. Result? Red card for Rafael.

14. Sergio Ramos vs Juventus

It’s the 2017 Champions League Final and Real Madrid are cruising at 3-1 up. Juventus have fallen apart in the dressing room at half-time, and substitute Juan Cuadrado is the only one showing any fight. He gives renowned good guy Ramos a cheeky nudge after a heavy tackle from the Spanish defender. Cue the theatrics - and a second yellow card for Cuadrado.

13. Sergio Busquets vs Inter

Pretty much a repeat of our previous offender Ramos, but in Busquets’ defence, the Barcelona midfielder does take some contact to the face – and he gets Jose Mourinho smiling with a peek at the officials as he writhes on the pitch. So, who’s really the loser? Aside from Thiago Motta, who sat out the 2010 Champions League Final victory over Bayern Munich because of this sending off. Oh, and Busquets, since Barça lost anyway. 

12. Fernando Torres vs Chile

2010 World Cup, and Spain are breaking upfield. The ball is switched out to the left, David Villa to Andres Iniesta... goal! La Roja are now 2-0 up in their group stage match against Chile. But what’s that? The referee has sent off Marco Estrada for… something. Answers on a postcard, please.

11. Luis Suarez vs Aston Villa

You didn’t think the football’s most famous modern villain was going to escape this list, did you? Here, Liverpool are a goal behind but looking to continue their unbeaten run in 2014. Luis Suarez is around the onrushing Brad Guzan... and then goes down for a penalty. Steven Gerrard converts it, the Reds are level and it’s business as usual for wee Luis.