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FIFA 20’s 10 most overpowered players for Ultimate Team

FIFA 20 overpowered players OP

When it comes to hunting out the best players for your FIFA 20 squad, you're going to want to look for the overpowered players. The ones who give you the best results from the least amount of coins spent. 

You don't need to worry about finding them yourself though, as we've rounded up the game’s most overpowered players, all of whom possess stats that allow them to outperform other virtual footballers.

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Wissam Ben Yedder

Ben Yedder FIFA 20

Price: 6k

Ben Yedder was a popular option among FUT players on FIFA 19, emerging as one of the most clinical cards on the entire game.

FUT cards with high agility are incredibly overpowered on FIFA 20 thanks to the fact that the game’s defensive AI has been nerfed to the point where it’s now easily for nimble players to consistently find space in and around the area. Ben Yedder is one player who’s amazing at seeking space, breaking into an opponent’s box and finding the back of the net thanks to his insanely high agility (90), low centre of gravity (he’s 5ft 7in) and five-star weak foot.

Ben Yedder also has pace (84) and high finishing (88) stats to make him a mean operator inside the box. Apply a Hunter chemistry style on him and it'll make him even deadlier: his pace will rise to 94, and his finishing will receive a +5 boost (93) – making him more clinical and OP than he already is.

Quincy Promes

Quincy Promes FIFA 20

Price: 1.5k

Having secured a move to Ajax last summer, Promes is unlikely to be a popular option on FIFA 20 due to his restricted chemistry links. Regardless of that, he remains one of the most overpowered players on the game. 

Promes packs pace (91), a five-star skill rating and agility (85), which combine nicely to make him a serious force to be reckoned with in the attacking third. His Dutch nationality should help fit him into certain teams as well. 


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Lorenzo Insigne

Insigne FIFA 20

Price: 27k 

Insigne was a decent player on FIFA 19, capable of bagging you a few goals here and there, but on FIFA 20 he’s on a completely different level. In fact, we'd argue he is one of the players closest to Lionel Messi in terms of his overall feel on the ball.

Insigne is pint-sized – just 5ft 4in – but his low centre of gravity, agility (94) and balance (93) makes him incredibly dangerous in-game.

The Italian's pace rockets to 97 with a Hunter chemistry style, and his finishing goes up to 82, thus making him a more-than-capable goalscorer.


Allan FIFA 20

Price: 14k

Allan has been one of the most OP midfielders since FIFA 18. He’s essentially a cheaper version of N’Golo Kanté’s FUT card.

Allan, like Kanté, can dribble past players to create space in any area of the pitch – but he also boasts a four-star skill rating, which means he can perform overpowered moves such as the lateral heel-to-heel flick as well.

Where the Brazilian truly shines though is off the ball, in situations where he has to retrieve possession either through an interception or well-timed tackle.

Allan’s stats means he’s able to intercept the ball more effectively than most other defensive midfielders on the game. Not only does he boast a maxed-out interception stat with a Shadow chemistry style, his agility (82) and reactions (89) allow him to cover more ground while jockeying to steal the ball with precision. He is the midfielder enforcer every team needs. 

Manuel Akanji

Akanji FIFA 20

Price: 7k

Unlike on FIFA 19, where defenders were able to catch up with strikers regardless of their difference in pace, FIFA 20 makes it so only pacey defenders can catch up with fast forwards when they get on their bikes.

Akanji is one of those defenders. 

The Swiss star’s pace hits 90 with a Shadow chemistry style, but even beyond that, Akanji’s card is amazing. He can track runs and stop players in their tracks thanks to his towering 6ft 2in frame and 84-rated strength, making him a must for anyone building a Bundesliga team. 

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes FIFA 20

Price: 16k

Standing at 5ft 10in and boasting high/high work-rates which allow him to perform tirelessly across the pitch, Sporting CP’s Bruno Fernandes is easily one of the best midfielders on FIFA 20.

To put into perspective how good Fernandes is on the game, he has a total of 2,301 in-game stats. Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne has 2,311, just 10 more than the Portuguese star. Fernandes costs 16k; De Bruyne 369k. The maths does itself.

Fernandes stats are eye-opening, with passing (87), shooting (83) and dribbling (85) all well above average for someone in his position – he’s the total package in midfield and a must-have for your FUT team.

Alex Grimaldo

Grimaldo FIFA 20

Price: 5.5k

Grimaldo is one of the most overpowered full-backs in the game, but he flies a bit under the radar because he plies his trade outside the big five leagues for Benfica.

The Spaniard used to have a four-star skill rating back on FIFA 19, but that has since been reduced to three.

Regardless of the downgrade, though, he remains an excellent left-back in-game; Capable of helping out in attack while also performing his defensive duties competently, he's a steal at under 6k.


Paulinho FIFA 20

Price: 6k

Paulinho is easily one of the best box-to-box CMs to use if you're just starting your FIFA 20 cycle. We'd say he’s a much better option than the likes of Sergej Milinkovic-Savic and Blaise Matuidi, both of whom are popular among FUT managers.

The reason for this is Paulinho’s amazing physical presence, boasting strong stats for jumping (92), stamina (92), strength (82) and aggression (81).

Unlike most central midfielders on the game, Paulinho is also pretty good at finding the back of the net – his finishing (81) means he knows how to score. The only downside is the fact that he plays outside the big five leagues. 

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Ousmane Dembele

Ousmane Dembele FIFA 20

Price: 12k

Dembele might just be the most overpowered winger that you can get for less than 20k coins.

The Frenchman boasts a five-star skill rating and weak foot – only six other players on the entire game possess such a combination, thus making Dembele’s card a handy one to have.

Barça’s wide man is fast, agile and excellent in front of goal: the complete package for just 12k coins.

Serge Gnabry

Gnabry FIFA 20

Price: 8.5k

Gnabry has come a long way since struggling to get minutes under Tony Pulis at West Brom. He’s now a key player at one of the biggest clubs in world football and a highly sought-after card on FUT as a result of his impressive stats.

Among a sea of great attacking options in the Bundesliga, Gnabry stands out – the 24-year-old is adept at tearing backlines apart thanks to his pace (90) and dribbling (85). 

With a Deadeye chemistry style you won’t have trouble finding the back of the net with Gnabry: his finishing and shot power will both get bumped up to 96, making him more overpowered than he already is. 

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