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Quiz! Can you name the Premier League's 22 best score and assist partnerships for 2017/18?

It’s Valentine’s Day at FourFourTwo towers and while once again there’s no sign of that card from Gary Lineker which we desperately hope for every year (is it us, Gary? We can change! We’ll even take down the framed David Beckham poster).

Anyway, we’ve had to look elsewhere for love and naturally we’ve found it in the Premier League. Where else? Each of these dreamy duos are clearly on the same wavelength on the pitch, as they’ve perfect the art of scoring and assisting one another.

Now, as we’re very kind, we’ve given you the glory-hog who’s netted the goals. What we need from you is to name the selfless assistor who’s done the decent thing and set up the chances for their glamorous other half to ping the ball into the onion bag.

Five minutes are on the clock and we’d love to know whether you achieve perfection – or how close you come – @FourFourTwo. We’ll retweet the best efforts if you don’t give answers away. Please challenge some friends while you’re at it.

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