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Quiz! Can you name the top 19 scorers from the 1998/99 Premier League season?

Manchester United

If you’re having trouble remembering how the finale to the 1998/99 football season played out, your best bet is to call Clive Tyldesley. The ITV mic man will fill you in on what happened that night in Barcelona (temperature: balmy), but could he name all 19 players who hit 10+ Premier League goals?

It was the first time in The Premier League Era that fewer than 20 players reached double digits - and it shares something with 1997/98 in that top scorer finished a three-way tie on just 18 goals. Yet it was anything but a dull season, as a strong Arsenal side pushed all-conquering Manchester United until the last league game.

So, five minutes are on the clock to name the major scorers that term. Get filling in surnames, then let us know whether you aced it or came agonisingly close @FourFourTwo, before challenging a few pals to test their knowledge. Good luck!

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