Ranked! The 20 best Premier League shirts EVER

Thierry Henry

From Eric Cantona’s turned-up black collar to two numbers that graced the torso of David Ginola, we rate the finest fashions the Premier League has seen

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20. Derby, 1997/98 (home)

For some reason, shirts became incredibly baggy in the late '90s – picture Steve McManaman hurtling along in a long-sleeve that looks like he borrowed it from a much bigger brother.

However the Rams’ natty Puma-made white effort was one of the few that looked bang on, particularly when modelled by confusing human-octopus hybrid Paolo Wanchope: a mass of limbs, skill and confusion wrapped in a shirt the size of a beach windbreak.

19. Everton, 2015/16 (home)

A little turret and a couple of elephants can only enhance a football shirt, and while all Umbro’s efforts have been admirable, last season’s version was possibly the best, making Leighton Baines look every inch the mod idol.

18. Nottingham Forest, 1992/93 (home)

Some will lobby that the bold 1994 effort you might picture Stan Collymore or Jason Lee striding about in was better. But this effort tops it for our money, thanks to its subtle pinstripes, understated logo, and the sponsorship of Shipstones, a decent, gritty local brewer that chimes better with Roy Keane’s ultraviolence than Canadian swill-merchants Labatts, who took over the following term.

17. Sheffield Wednesday, 1992/93 (home)

The Premier League still doesn’t seem quite right without former top-flight stalwarts Wednesday in it. Their ’92 season strip was a knockout: another Umbro effort, worn with aplomb on the wing by The Waddler.

16. Manchester City, 199-95 (away)

City may have been a shambles on the pitch, but their Umbro tops were always super sharp. The understated Cambridge blue and the pinstriped white away versions particularly stood out, and were iconically donned on Cool Britannia lads mag covers by Liam and Noel Gallagher – making the ‘Brother’ sponsor seem even more apt.