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How to improve your dribbling


Before you slip on a pair of white boots on a Thursday night and try to beat every man on the pitch like a five-a-side Lionel Messi, why not go through some dribbling drills first? We've got custom made sessions which will help you master how to drop the shoulder, throw a stepover and slalom past defenders before slotting the ball into the net. Check out our best sessions below...


1. Be the complete striker: Slalom through the defence and finish

2. How to play like Lionel Messi: Part one

3. How to play like Lionel Messi: Part two

4. Master technique: 1v1 feints

5. Master technique: 1v1 competition

6. Accelerate and beat your man like Messi

7. VIDEO: Improve your dribbling with Dan Crowley

8. Pre-season training: Running with the ball drills

Professional tips

There are few things better than watching a winger give a defender twisted blood. However we’re not all blessed with Lionel Messi’s liquid hips or Gareth Bale’s blistering pace, so we’ve asked the game’s best players for their tips so you can learn to leave your opponent for dead. We've put together some of our favourite links below all in one place... 

1. Improve your dribbling with Gareth Bale: Part one

2. Improve your dribbling with Gareth Bale: Part two

3. Lucas Moura: Dribble the Brazilian way

4. Wilfried Zaha: Race away from trouble

5. Tom Ince: Get the better of your full-back

7. How to improve dribbling skills with Andreas Pereira

8. Daniel Sturridge: Run rings around the opposition

9. Aaron Lennon: How to get to the byline