Rooney, Ozil, Pele... Hughes: Football's worst waxworks

Everybody knows there's nothing in the world more terrifying than a human face sculpted in malleable plastic - but when said face is a half-arsed representation of a footballer, we can at least have a good old laugh (and make obvious jokes about which is more mobile or has more charisma).

There have been waxworks of some of the Premier League's biggest stars. And Mark Hughes.

There have, of course, also been waxworks of England's greatest stars. After all, what better tribute than having your likeness gawped at by tourists?

That's not to say waxwork are the reserve of those who have been a huge success at international level - the 'Golden Generation' have their fair share too.

It's not just an English phenomenon, they're at it all over Europe - from Spain to Germany and back to Spain again.

If you thought waxworks of footballers would be a modern happening, think again. They go back at least as far as the 1920s...

Kevin Keegan looks miffed with his waxy doppelganger - and rightly so

Gary Lineker (r) meets minor Breaking Bad character, Ted Beneke

Paul Gascoigne in his early-90s pomp.

Geoff Hurst - scored a hat-trick in some match or other.

Peter Shilton: This one looks like something from an old episode of Doctor Who