Goalkeeper training drills: Improve your range of passing

Use this drill to work on your distribution to different areas of the pitch
Set up
The goalkeeper starts with the ball on the six-yard line. Servers are placed on the edge of the box, in a left back position, on the right wing and high on the left wing. One mannequin is placed in front of the server on the right wing, while two mannequins are placed in front of the server high on the left wing.
The goalkeeper plays a short pass to server 1 before receiving the ball back. The goalkeeper must then take a touch and play a driven ball out to server 2, who again plays the ball back. The goalkeeper takes a touch and plays a driven pass over the mannequin to server 3. After receiving the ball back once more, the goalkeeper catches the ball and kicks a side volley out of his hands to server 4.
Reps: 4 passes per set
Sets: 3-5 sets per goalkeeper
How it helps
Improves the goalkeeper’s technical range of passing over distance using a variety of passes - ideal for starting a counter attack against the opposition.
Andrew Sparkes is the Head of Academy Goalkeeping at Swansea City. Follow @andrewsparkes1 @swansofficial @swans_academy

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