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Puma football boots deals: save up to £69 on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime day Puma football boots
(Image credit: Amazon /Puma)

Puma football boots are the latest item to get the Amazon Prime Day treatment.

If you've been thinking of getting some new boots then now is the time to do it, with massive discounts offered across Amazon's Puma range - and if you don't know which ones to get, we're here to help. 

Puma are one of the world's leading manufacturers of football boots, with global stars such as Sergio Aguero and Neymar sporting the German brand's designs in 2020. Puma boots are known for their style, comfort and robustness, making them the perfect choice, whether you're a top level pro or just like having a kick-about down the park with your mates. 

Puma football boot prices are as low as £22 on Amazon Prime Day (October 13-14). That price is for the the lower end of the range - the Puma One 20.4s - but if you're keen to get a cheap deal on the latest, top of the range boots, you can save up to £69 on the Puma 5.1 Netfits, down to £103 from their usual price of £172. Basically, the higher quality boots you go, the bigger the savings. 

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Different pairs of Puma boots have their pros and cons, from price and comfort to materials and design. It depends what it is you're after and what type of player you are. So, without much further ado, allow us to explain the advantages and drawbacks of each design (including price) so you can make the most informed decision.

Let's get stuck in!

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Amazon Prime Day: Puma football boots on sale


Puma Future 5.1 Netfit: £125 £90.21 at Amazon
Engineered to fit any foot shape, these performance boots allow for sharp turns and intricate movements on the pitch. Sleek and stylish, with long lines, cool colour combinations and a textured knit upper, The future 5.1 merges modern football fashion with forward-thinking innovation. Purchase today and save almost £35 on RRP. 


Puma One 20.4: £42.95 £22.04 at Amazon
Designed to be fast on the pitch, fit perfectly on the foot and provide superb on-the-ball feel, these hard and artificial ground-ready boots are a perfect budget option for players who simply want some bang for their buck. The cheapest option on the market, without sacrificing on the sex appeal. Purchase today and save more than £20 on RRP. 


Puma Future 4.1 Netfit: £104.99 £50.45 at Amazon
The previous edition of the Netfit series is cheaper than the above 5.1s and come in a greater range of colours. So if the yellow look isn't for you, and you'd prefer green or silver, you can go for that instead. You'll also save some money, without losing the comfort or design which make the Netfit series one off Puma's most popular choices among players. Purchase now and save more than £50 on RRP. 


Puma King Platinum MX: £96.59 £67.61 at Amazon
Puma Kings are just about the most classic football boot on the market. Robust, comfortable, great to look and just an all-round no-nonsense choice for players who value substance over style. The Platinum MX version takes the classic Puma King design and just gives it a clean and classy update. The K-leather upper ensures maximum comfort and will prevent your feet from getting wet and cold too. Purchase now and save almost £30 on RRP. 


Puma Ultra 2.1: £111.95 £74.85 at Amazon
Boots built for speedmerchants. The Ultra 2.1's Ultra-fast Peba SpeedUnit outsole is infused with running spike DNA to assist with rapid acceleration and quick turns. Which is a long-winded way of saying these boots have been developed to feel like athletics running shoes as opposed to the standard football boot design. If you're a quick player, then these are the ones for you. Purchase now and save more than £35 on RRP. 


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