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Quiz! Can you name the top 20 scorers from the 2002/03 Premier League season?

Manchester United

The 02/03 Premier League season was unusual. Manchester United won it - which admittedly isn’t much of an outlier in the 1990s and 2000s - but they also produced the league’s leading scorer.

That’s rarer than you might think, as the club tended to boast prolific midfielders and share goals around. So a Man United player topping the scoring table outright has only occurred three times in 25 Premier League seasons, despite the club's 13 titles in the post-1992 era.

However in 2002/03, an Old Trafford hit-man scored 25 goals to help his side overtake a free-scoring Arsenal. But we don’t just want his surname from you. We want all 20 players who scored 10+ goals that season, in just five minutes.

A tough task, but let us know how you did @FourFourTwo - then please test the knowledge of a few pals as well.

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