Rooney not aware of Jong Tae-se

RUSTENBURG - England's Wayne Rooney has been studying the opposition by watching every possible televised game at the World Cup finals but he has failed to spot the Asian version of himself in his avid daily viewing.

When he was asked on Wednesday what he thought of the performance of the man dubbed as "Asia's Wayne Rooney" following North Korea's 2-1 defeat by Brazil the night before, he was, for once, lost for words.

Smiling, during a news conference at England's training base at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Campus, Rooney said he did not know which player was being referred to by the question.

"But it was a good goal, I know that," he added.

North Korea's goal was scored by Ji Yun-nam, but the popularised Asian version of Wayne Rooney is Jong Tae-se, who not only prowled the field like Rooney, but also wept during the national anthems.

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