Trick of the week: Around the world

Part 4 in our exclusive freestyle masterclass with world champion trickster John Farnworth. Pack your passport, it's time to go around the world

The around the world trick is the cornerstone of any freestyler's routine. Par for the course for any self respecting juggler, but the benchmark for any amateur starting out.

Executing the skill requires a deft touch, balance and lightening footwork. With the ball dropping like a bomb, the player has to swing his foot around the ball, making enough contact to keep it spinning and away from the ground.

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If the touch is too heavy the ball will propel upwards too far, making it difficult to circumnavigate in a flash.

Who better to learn this trick from than the man who holds the world record for around the worlds in one minute (85 to be exact)?

Watch this video and let world champion freestyler John Farnworth take you through his step-by-step guide for pulling off this trick.

John Farnworth is attempting to freestyle the London Marathon for Kick4Life.

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