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Quiz! How many of the players with 100 Premier League goals can you name?

Yes, Crouchy's edging closer to joining the Premier League's 100 Club – and could be the 26th player to be inaugurated.

But can you name the men he'd be joining? There are 25 to get in total, and you've got six minutes on the clock to get as many as you can. Your only clue is the number of goals they managed, though – so it might be a tad harder than you think.

We want to know how you get on as usual, so tweet us with evidence @FourFourTwo and we'll retweet your scores to the good folk of Internetland. But don't give away the answers to everyone – they'll only nick them and make you look bad right? 

(Please note: If you're using an adblocker you won't see this quiz. Come on!) 

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