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Quiz! Can you name every player to score 20+ goals in a Premier League season?

Until those pesky Messi and Ronaldo chaps in La Liga heightened the bar to about 300 goals per year, 20 was always the mark an attacking player aimed for. To be fair - for most human footballers - it still is. Scoring 20 goals in a league season means a job extremely well done.

Two players reached that mark for 2016/17 this month, but can you came all 35 players to have ever hit it? Some have scored 20+ across multiple seasons, of course - while the 30-goal barrier has been broken nine times since 1992/93.

All we want you to do is fill in the surnames of these ace goal-getters. Then, when you've finished, tweet us at @FourFourTwo and we'll RT your scores to compare against the rest (don't give away answers, though). 

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