Ranked! Every Premier League club’s new home kit from worst to best

Premier League kits

We’re ready for Premier League sides to strut their stuff in 2018/19 – but who’s going to be the best turned out? Nick Miller gets his claws out

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Remember, kids, this is subjective nonsense and the opinion of one writer. We've got separate Best and Worst kits of the season lists too. Let's not take it too seriously, eh? 

20. Tottenham

You wonder what exactly were they thinking of with this. Were they going for the ‘shorts are leaking into the shirts’ look? Did they mean for their players to look like they’re wearing massively high-waisted trousers? Did they think about how stupid it’s going to look when they wear white shorts in the Champions League? Never mind a ropey transfer window: this is Tottenham’s downfall.

19. Manchester City

Oh dear no. The tragedy here is that Nike have dressed up a team who play such beautiful football in a top that looks like a plain T-shirt with radio static on the arms. It’s like putting Monica Bellucci in a shell suit, or making Aidan Turner wear Crocs. Concentrate on David Silva’s feet, not his torso.

18. Arsenal

Nope. This looks like someone has lumped about four designs onto one shirt, tried to sketch something taking all that in, left for the evening with it half-finished and then someone took the drawing off their desk and sent it to the factory. There might be a good shirt in there somewhere, but this isn’t it.

17. Crystal Palace

A similar problem to Arsenal’s: the predilection for the fade towards the waist is a problem even with a block colour kit, but with stripes? You’ve already got your variation there, guys. You don’t need to complicate things further. A few points gained for the yellow trim, but overall: no.

16. Manchester United

Is change inherently bad? No, but Manchester United switching from white to black shorts might be. You’re tempted to think it just reflects Jose Mourinho’s mood, but at least the gradient makes a little sense. That said, it is still a gradient. Stop it!

15. Bournemouth

Something’s not right here. A bit too busy? Maybe it’s the collar? Perhaps the sleeve detail? The sponsor’s logo? Is the badge too big? We're not entirely sure what the problem is, but there is a problem. Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe it’s a grower. Maybe it’s just rubbish. Not sure.

14. Burnley

Not bad. Not that good either. And certainly not with that absolute honker of a sponsor splashed all over the ribs. Look, we know clubs inevitably just pick the sponsor that will pay the most money, but can’t they for once just think of the aesthetics? You have to run around with that on your tops all season, lads. Come on. Have some dignity.