True cost of a Premier League season ticket in 2013/14

Manchester City have topped the Premier League 'Value Table' for a fourth consecutive year with fans of the champions forking out just £28.56 per win, according to a survey.

The annual Football Value League Table from examines how much season ticket holders paid per win and per goal on home turf over the 2013/14 season.

Rivals United have taken a hit since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. After coming second in the Value League last year they have plummeted seven places in the table to 8th in 2013/14; their supporters paying £79.22 per home win, £35.45 more per win at home than they did last year.

After a disappointing season all round, Fulham are not only facing up to relegation but have also suffered the ignominy of coming bottom of the Value League. The Cottagers won just five of their league games at home in 2013/14 (26 per cent), meaning Fulham’s season ticket holders will have paid a whopping £128 for each win at Craven Cottage  - or £26.67 for each goal.

Read on for the full information - and check out the Championship prices, too...

INFOGRAPHIC The true cost of a Championship season ticket



| wish your researchers would do their job properly.
The season ticket price for Arsenal is based on 19 league games plus 7 cup ties, that works out at £37.88 per league game, times that by 19 and you get the true league season ticket price of £719.80.
Your figures are giving a false impression of the cost and your calculations are ultimately wrong.

Totally and utterly agree. Cup games - 6 Wins out of 7 games. Also the Win percentage stated as 36%? Don't think so, try 68% before including cup games).

73% win rate including the cup games - 19 Wins = £985/19 = £51.84 before pie , pint, and shirt.

A vastly different figure than the one quoted. Lazy, lazy, lazy journalism.