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Quiz! Can you name the top four at this stage of every Premier League season?


Just four minutes are on the clock for today’s quiz. While the 112 top score may look daunting, there’s only 18 answers to get – and of those, we reckon only three are difficult. We've given you their points total after 16 games as a not-particularly-helpful hint.

We’re expecting lots of full marks – or very close to – so how quickly you manage it really matters. Send us a screenshot of your score and your time (but no answers) to @FourFourTwo and we’ll share them.

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Liverpool have it all wrapped up, don’t they? Leading the Premier League at this stage of is a sure sign of winning the title, right?

We decided to have a look back through the archives at what the Premier League table looked like at this stage of the season every year since 1992/93. And we found that, actually, that isn’t true – completely dismantling that belief that no one actually holds.

In fact, in the inaugural Premier League season, the eventual champions were in eighth place after 16 games – good news for Chris Wilder’s Sheffield United.

We couldn’t get the statistics for exactly 16 games into every season (the Premier League’s archive goes by ‘gameweek’ and doesn’t allow for midweek tables) but we’ve got as close as we could get. So you can test yourself and maybe even learn something. You’re welcome.

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