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Quiz! Can you name the 50 most expensive footballers of all time based on accumulated transfer fees?


Note: Original data taken from out friends at, although rounded to the nearest million. After all, what’s a few hundred thousand pounds between friends?

It was certainly small potatoes when it came to buying these players. Each one has moved for over £70m in their career, making them the 50 most expensive players of all time. Not that that necessarily makes them the best, of course.

Plenty have just moved a lot in their careers. For example, when David Platt retired in 1998 he was the second-most expensive player in history based on accumulated fees (over £22m), mainly thanks to his playing for three Serie A clubs across four seasons.

Platty no longer cracks this list in 2019, but you have 10 minutes to name who does does. Each player’s total fees and nationality/position are below. Let us know your score @FourFourTwo – and please challenge some friends while you’re at it. Good luck!

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