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Quiz! Can you name the 51 players who’ve contributed to at least six Premier League goals this season?

Paul Pogba

As we take a break from the Premier League to enjoy the magic of cups FA, League and De France (if you’re feeling particularly continental), what better time to reflect on the first five months of the Premier League? In particular, to recall the men who’ve been racking up the goals and assists for their clubs.

Each of these 51 players has played a direct role in six or more goals. Some of them muscle to the top of this list based on the strength of their scoring tally, with assists just coming when they wang a shot wide so badly wide it ends up at a team-mate’s feet. Probably.

Others, particularly the midfielders, are there mainly based on the strength of their generous set-up game. There’s even one or two that don’t play for Manchester City, believe it or not.

Now, 10 minutes are on the clock and each player’s club plus their combined goal/assist total is below. Let us know how you do @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best efforts – and assist some friends in their day by challenging them to match your total.

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