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Quiz! Can you name the most valuable* player for every country going to the 2018 World Cup?

First, let’s give the double finger point celebration to the good folks at, whose market value analysis we’ve utilised for this quiz. Second, let’s give them the defence that – in today’s crazy transfer market – who can tell what price these players would really raise if sold this summer?

When Southampton are selling central defenders for £75m and Manchester City are hoovering up full-backs at £50m+ a pop, nobody can accurately say how much a player might go for.

However, taking into account age, ability and profile, these are the most high-value players for each World Cup 2018 nation. It’s the metatarsals of these chaps that national team fans will be desperately hoping don’t go snap, from the £100m+ men of Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, France and (yes) England to a Panama striker who’d cost considerably less.

Six minutes are on the clock and if you can get the full 32, your knowledge of world football is truly awesome. Frankly, anything over 80% is damn impressive, so let us know how you get on @FourFourTwo – and please challenge some friends while you’re at it. The World Cup is but three-and-a-bit months away!

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