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Quiz! Can you name the most followed footballers on Instagram?

Real Madrid
(Image credit: PA)

Three minutes on the clock, 20 players to guess.

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo (opens in new tab) and share with your mates.

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There are some that claim that Instagram is an unwelcome distraction to a footballer's game. It's easy to blame social media when a star is underperforming.

We all need hobbies outside of our working lives though. And what better way to spend your downtime from playing football than showing everyone how great your lifestyle is?

Unsurprisingly, the footballers who command the most clout on social also match up to those that have achieved the most in the game. It helps if you're handsome, play for a big club or have a famous other half, too.

This particular quiz should be a piece of cake, right? We're just asking for the most well-known players on Instagram - you probably follow a fair few, yourself. 


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