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Quiz! Can you name the top 25 scorers from the 2001/02 Premier League season?


Arguably - we said arguably, so don’t hit us - England’s three biggest club’s fought a three-way battle for the Premier League in the 2001/02 season. Arsenal eventually triumphed via a win at Old Trafford, with Manchester United ending up a spot behind second-place Liverpool.

Fergie’s planned retirement - revoked halfway through the season - was given by many for Man United’s relative under-performance. However the absence of Roy Keane through suspension, injury and rage virus [citation needed] for much of the season didn’t help. Nor did the presence of Juan Sebastian Veron.

Argentina's 'Little Witch’ didn’t have much fun that season but plenty of other players did, as we can tell from the 25 who scored 10+ Premier League goals for the season (including three from an attack-minded Arsenal).

We’re asking you to tap in the surnames of as many as possible in six minutes, then to share your results with us – @FourFourTwo - before you then challenge a few chums to see if they can match your score. Good luck!

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