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Quiz! Name the 35 highest-scoring Premier League players by the age of 23

There aren’t many things more exciting than a teenage attacker making their mark with a sensational goal. While some of them inevitably fall by the wayside, destined for the ‘Whatever happened to…’ pile, that isn’t the case with these 35 players.

Each of them scored young, then kept on scoring – netting enough goals to be one of the Premier League’s highest-scoring players before they hit the ancient age of 23.

That’s also the cut-off point of our quiz. Each of the below scored 23 goals or more (a lot more in some cases) before they reached seniority. We’ve given you their Premier League goal totals in that time, their nationality and the clubs they scored for in the Prem up to age 23 – but not beyond.

Eight minutes are on the clock, 35 whippersnappers to name, then all the time in the world to let us know how you did @FourFourTwo. We’ll retweet the best scores - and then love it if you shared this quiz with some pals.

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