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Quiz! Can you name the 50 clubs with the biggest transfer profits and losses ever?

Ruben Dias
(Image credit: Future)

10 minutes on the clock, 50 clubs to guess. How many can you name?

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo, and challenge some friends!

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Football is not a money-making business for many. The amount that clubs spend on transfers make it impossible to be successful while turning a profit.

Still, the idea behind Athletic Bilbao, for example, is one that in theory should see more cash in the green column than the red. Famously, the Basque outfit don't sign players who aren't connected to the region in some way, meaning that the majority of their stars come from the academy.

Athletic aren't even on our list today, though. There are clubs out there who spend far more money on players than they can ever possibly make back... and clubs who receive far more money for their stars than they could ever possibly hope to spend on replacements.

Can you tell us who these sides are?


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