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Bender: No more games, bring on the real Real

"I have stopped playing Real Madrid [on the games console] in the past week," the 23-year-old Germany international told reporters on Tuesday. "It will be a real highlight to have them in the stadium and not on playstation."

A fervent atmosphere is expected in the Borussia stadium with a guaranteed sold-out crowd of just over 65,000 coming to see the nine-time European champions take on the 1997 Champions League winners.

"Real have more experience in the Champions League but we saw in Manchester that experience is not everything," he said of their 1-1 draw against the Premier League champions in their last game.

"We do not focus on such things and we are not distracted by them. It plays no decisive role because we have some experience [in the competition] and that should be enough to be able to play the game we want to play," he said.