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Quiz! Can you name the top 27 scorers from the 1999/2000 Premier League season?


Follow-ups are rarely as good as the original. While 1998/99 saw a memorable tussle between strong Arsenal and Manchester United sides that went to the last game of the season, 1999/2000 saw the same teams finish in the top two spots - but with far less drama.

United streaked ahead to win the league by a whopping 18 points. Arsenal – with their famous Adams, Bould, Dixon, Keown, Winterburn defence starting to break up – couldn’t keep pace. At least a young, dynamic Leeds side thrilled fans as they raced up to third spot. There’s no way this story ends badly.

Plenty of players made it to double figures in league goals though, including one hot-shot who netted 30. We’ve put seven minutes on the clock to see how many of the full 27 you can name. After you’re done, let us know your score @FourFourTwo - then challenge a few pals to see how they get on.

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